Help Change Someone’s Life: Meet Tyler Holliday

Sometimes we forget how fragile life is and just how blessed we truly are. Today I was reminded of this yet again. I want to share an opportunity to help change someone’s life who is very dear to me and many others. Meet my cousin, Tyler Holliday an amazing little boy who is fighting day after to day to reclaim something he lost three years ago.

Meet Tyler Holliday

Meet Tyler!

Tyler and his Brothers

Tyler with his two brothers!

Three years ago Tyler was like any other active 8-yr-old. He loved baseball, basketball, Tae-Kwando and playing with his two brothers. Within a two-week period that all changed.

Tyler break-dancing.

Tyler break-dancing at my wedding 2 1/2 years ago, just a few months after he got out of the hospital.

3 years ago Tyler was misdiagnosed with chicken pox when it was actually Rocky River Spotted Fever caused by a tick bite. He went into septic shock and the infection took over his brain. He was in the hospital for 2 1/2 months, when he woke up, he left in a wheelchair and did not talk for 14 months. Tyler went from being an active 8-yr-old to an 11-yr-old with the cognitive skills of a 2-yr-old. But he is making AMAZING Strides today thanks to organizations like Carrick Care and his families unceasing support and prayers. The Carrick Center just started an Indiegogo campaign to help give heroic people who are dealing with severe brain injuries the treatment they deserve and need, one of which is Tyler. Please watch this video and visit the campaign page to hear Tyler’s whole story as well as the other three amazing individuals fighting so hard for what they once had:

Please consider sharing the campaign page to help Tyler and many more people like him get their lives back!

Holliday Family

The Holliday Family.
Photo Source: Forget Me Not Photography

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