My Valentine XOXO

I do not consider myself a lucky person, but when it comes to my amazing husband Jared, I am quite the lucky girl! Since it is tax season I have basically lost my husband for the next three months to excel formulas, late night balance sheet reviews and early Saturday’s in the office. So we celebrated Valentine’s Day this past Sunday, since he is going to be out of town for the next two weeks.

I knew we had dinner reservations around 4:00 at XO Prime Steaks but he would not tell me what or if we were even doing anything afterwards. He is usually really bad at keeping secrets from me, but I had no idea what he was up to this time.

He  had planned on keeping his little plan a secret until after dinner, but as I was getting ready he said he couldn’t wait any longer to give me my gift so he decided to let me open it beforehand.

I screamed just a little bit when I opened up an envelope in the bag and saw these..

Les' Miserables Tickets

He knows the way to my heart.

Jared and I have always shared a love for theater and often go to shows when we have the chance. Les’ Miserables has always been my favorite and we were both lucky enough to experience seeing it on a trip to London back in 2008. Side note, his nickname was Shaggy back then.

Les Miserables London

Shaggy and I in London in 2008.

Les' Miserables

Les’ Miserables – London, England

Not only did he get me tickets to see my favorite show, but he also got me a CLE Clothing CO. shirt I have been eyeing for quite awhile. Needless to say he spoils me beyond what I deserve. I am one lucky girl.

Before the show we went to our dinner reservations at XO where I am pretty sure we both had the best steaks of our entire lives. Our waiter was awesome and made our first dining experience there one to remember. I definitely think we will be back for another special occasion in the future and I highly recommend you check XO out if you have not had a chance yet.

On another note, I got to wear my favorite red and black ombre’ Guess heels, which always put a little pep in my step.

Red Guess Heels

Ombre’ Love

Valentine's Day Dinner at XO..

Valentine’s Day Dinner at XO.

XO Creme Brulee

Vanilla creme brulee for dessert.

After dinner we headed over to Palace Theater at Playhouse Square for the show. It was absolutely fantastic. The entire cast was incredibly talented and brought each character to life. I may have cried… just a little bit…a few times. I thought that all the the actors did great, but those who played Jean Valjean and Eponine really stood out.  Ann Hathaway’s recent rendition of “I dreamed a dream” is going to be hard for for any future Fantine to beat, in my opinion. The moment the play ended it was bittersweet, it is the type of performance you don’t want to end. I have actually been listening to the soundtrack all week, singing along in my head since I’m pretty sure my impromptu show tune would disturb my lovely Melamed Riley cubemate Kathleen – A heart full of love, no fear, no regret… 

Les Miserables Cleveland 2

Les’ Miserables – Playhouse Square

Les Miserables Cleveland

Intermission Photo-Op

I just want to say thank you to my amazing husband for making this Valentine’s day one to remember – I love you. It was truly a day to revel at!

The Reveler