It’s about time.

We Can Blog It

Image Source:Panache Offblast

After almost two years of thinking, contemplating and postponing I am officially diving into the wonderful world of blogging.

As a social media specialist by day I am quite familiar with blogging, tweeting, pinning, SEO and all that a social identity entails, which is probably why I have waited so long to do it. With a demanding day job that I love, it can sometimes be hard to find time for myself. The Reveler, is my own little piece of the social world where I can stop and reflect on all of the things that I enjoy dabbling in and reveling at, with what leftover time I may have.

So what do I enjoy doing you ask? I love to craft, Jo-Anne Fabrics and Pat Catan’s are like meditation zones where I can clear my mind and drive my husband crazy at the same time. My greatest craft project of all time was my wedding, which I am sure I will blog about eventually. Traveling is a passion of mine as well, I pretty much want to go everywhere. After a three month study abroad experience to London, England traveling to Ireland, Scotland, Paris and more I was bitten by the travel bug and have dreamed of far off places ever since. I also have a lot of fun trying to understand fashion. I see things in magazines or movies and think “I could so rock that,” but somehow it never turns out the same. Needless to say I have a “I want to forget I wore that” section in my closet. My next passion will come as the biggest shock to the people who know me best. I have always been a picky eater, but the foodie scene in Cleveland has slowly converted me from a picky eater to a novice foodie. My closest friends and family still laugh in disbelief when I tell them some of the things I now love to eat. One of my latest food adventures was trying Bone Marrow at Chef Symon’s, Lolita. I dreaded trying it from the moment I ordered and to my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Just like my unexpected delight at Lolita, I want my next phase of life to challenge my limits and leave me surprised. I want to enjoy life and break the monotonous routine I sometimes box myself into. I need to make the time for myself and my passions. Life isn’t made up a few big moments, it’s made up of thousands of tiny moments that may seem inconsequential at the time, but add up to be so much more in the end.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you and I hope you can find time to stop and revel for just a moment with me.

The Reveler